Why Company Culture Is Crucial

Dharmesh Shah, co-founder and CTO at the marketing and sales software firm HubSpot, distills the company’s 128-slide presentation on company culture down to its essence, describing it as a business’s “operating system” that lets people do their best work. Shah says entrepreneurs must create a company culture they love, because one will eventually emerge no matter what.

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How To Build A Great Company Culture

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What Is Culture? 8 Common Questions Answered

With steadily increasing references to the culture, it is even more important for anyone wanting to influence or build company culture to be very clear of what is meant by it. If you’re able to think and communicate very clearly about what exactly you mean by culture, things will be much easier.



What Our 3 Biggest Successes And 2 Biggest Failures Taught Us About Company Culture

Focusing on your company culture and values allows you to build a great company. That’s Leo Widrich’s experience with founding and building Buffer. Culture really allows you to stop operating by policy and start operating by principle. Here is what worked and the important lessons learned in building Buffer’s company culture.



Beyond The Buzz: Why Culture Is The New Management Task

The biggest problem with culture is not that it’s hard to do. But that it remains poorly understood why it’s becoming an increasingly important topic for businesses in the first place. So what is driving the buzz around culture!? This presentation explains the underlying themes related to human development, complexity and building winning organizations.