Leadership In Transition

To create high-performing and adaptive organizations, leaders need to actively shape an open culture that fosters collaboration and builds trust. This comes with  a change in the role of the leader, yet it’s more important than ever.

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Elements Of Responsiveness

In the pursuit of adaptivity, companies are decentralizing decision-making and empowering their people with information for increased engagement and continuous learning.

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The Responsive Organization

Responsiveness is becoming the key to competitiveness in the ever faster moving and interconnected global economy. This demands companies, start-up to blue chip, to shift their focus from efficiency of process to effectiveness of outcomes.

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The Responsive Organization

Technology – particularly software – has had a destabilizing effect on legacy organizations. Today’s fastest growing, most profoundly impactful companies are using and developing completely different operating models. These companies are lean, mean, learning machines and are organized around a new pattern: the ability to evolve in real time. Following Aaron Dignan’s work, the game is about building responsive organizations to succeed in a complex and volatile world. Aaron Dignan is CEO at Undercurrent an organizational design firm supporting companies to change the way they work and organize.