Encouraging Your People To Take The Long View

Traditional hard performance metrics can encourage short-term success at the expense of an organization’s long-term health. By starting to think about individual performance in the light of the three core principles discussed in this article, companies can start spotting ways to make sure their people-management systems are built for the long haul.

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Published by McKinsey Quarterly

Facebook’s HR Chief Explains How The Company Does Performance Reviews

Facebook conducts performance reviews every six months to formally collect insights from an employee’s managers and closest colleagues. These evaluations can be used to determine new responsibilities for an exceptional employee, which can then lead to a subsequent compensation discussion. But they aren’t used to decide that an underperforming employee should be fired, since managers would ideally not allow poor performance to persist until a formal meeting.

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Article by Business Insider Australia

The Performance Review Is Dead. Long Live The Performance Review


The solution to rethinking employee evaluations isn’t complicated, but also not so easy: Include feedback that flows from manager to employee and employee to manager and create an environment in which all parties feel safe enough to speak openly and honestly in service of reaching mutual goals.