Why HR Must Take Risks, Not Manage Them

The best People and Culture / HR teams understand that people are not a fungible resource that needs to be attached to the real work – they are the real work. They understand that there are huge opportunities today to build competitive advantages in people. And they understand that to do so, the aim is not to minimize volatility and failures, but to maximize the opportunity for outsized gains.

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Written by Didier Elizinga, published on Culture Amp blog

The ROI Of Investing In People And Culture

Investing in your talent isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do. Life is better when work is more engaging, more rewarding, and more fun, and it just so happens that we can make a case for that philosophy from an ROI perspective too.

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** on HR, People Operations & Talent Management **
Written by Maia Josebachvili, published on Medium

“The Future (People) Work”

53 Min Video of Talk by Jennifer Dennard, Org Design & People Operations @ Medium

HR Reinvented: The New People Teams

Now, more than in any other period in human history, people and their level of engagement in their work are the key drivers of an organization’s success. So, tomorrow’s winning companies will be the ones that are reinventing their HR Teams to become more deliberate, strategic, and holistic new People Teams.



Design Your Employee Experience As Thoughtfully As You Design Your Customer Experience

If a company attends to its employee experience with the same level of discipline and intention that it does to its customer experience, the results can be seen across the board. Employees are more satisfied, companies enjoy higher employee retention and other benefits, and customers get better service. The keys to customer experience excellence show companies how to succeed in the employee experience as well.



Protecting Your Company From Itself — Why You Need HR

One of the ways to damage a fast-growing startup is to not have an HR person. But when is the right time to bring someone on? What qualities should you look for? How can you preserve the company culture and energy that got you where you are — while still putting in place the processes that HR requires? Ben Horowitz and a16z’s head of technical talent Shannon Schiltz (Callahan) dive into the world of HR for startups. How does a good HR professional partner with a CEO? When you have to fire someone for the first time … how should it go down?

Career Planning In A Flat Org: How Spotify And Google Keep People Engaged

For decades, career development has been compared to a ladder—a series of promotions that move employees into higher, better payed, and highly competitive, leadership positions. But as organizations flatten out and eliminate managerial roles career ladders are turning into “jungle gyms.”As a result, flat organizations must find alternatives to promotions in order to keep people motivated, or risk employee turnover and low engagement.



Let Your People Grow: Culture Amp’s Unique DIY Approach To Learning & Development

Learning & Development plays an important part in job satisfaction and growing and effective team. Culture Amp’s approach to offering L&D to their employees is based on the fundamental idea that people need to grow, and they need to grow holistically. They are creating an environment where training is not forced upon people, but really an amplifier that encouraged both the love of learning and the opportunity to learn. What makes their approach special are the two key programs that support L&D vision at Culture Amp: Coaching For Everyone and Learn Yourself Up.



How To Scale Culture With Janelle Gale, VP Of HR At Facebook