Growth Businesses: 10 People Tips To Prepare You For The Future

Often growing businesses, particularly in the early stages, are not thinking about setting their People Operations for success in the future.  This article presents 10 valuable tips to make people decisions today that help to grow businesses into a great place to work now and in the future.

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Written by Kristin O’Brien, published on Small Business Forum

Radical Candor — The Surprising Secret to Being a Good Boss

Guidance — praise and criticism — is the key to being a good boss and building a great team. This interactive session from Goal Summit 2016 will help you understand why feedback is so hard, and how you can get better at giving it, getting it and encouraging it on your team. Presented by author and advisor to Twitter and Dropbox, Kim Malone Scott.

Watch 22 minute talk by Kim Scott, Co-Founder at Candor, Ex-Googler, published by FreshBooks University

The 10 Biggest Questions We Have As People Managers

Buffer has a strong culture of nurturing people into more advanced roles and promoting from within. This is fabulous for the opportunities this affords to their teammates; however, it does lead to a steep learning curve with disciplines like strategy, vision, coaching, and mentorship that aren’t as big a part of an individual contributor role. This article is about the biggest questions Buffer had for Jason Evanish, the Founder of HR start-up Lighthouse, and the answers and ideas he shared with the Buffer team.

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Article by Kevan Lee on Open Buffer

The New Manager Death Spiral

As a new manager, you’re likely to want to prove yourself. So you work late, and you do your very best to kick ass and make a good first impression. This is the approach that worked well for you as an individual, so, of course, it’ll work when leading a team. This is where the Spiral begins because the initial thought is actually, “I can do it all myself. I’m the Boss.” But what you really need to learn to become is being a leader of your team, not the boss that’s in charge of making decisions for them.

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Article by Michael Lopp on Rands in Response

Managers… How Much Justice Is Enough?

Promotion and adherence to justice seems to translate into beneficial workplace behaviors such as task performance and organizational citizenship behavior because fair treatment from managers may deepen employees trust, commitment, sense of being supported, and the quality of work relationships. The research brought forward in this piece suggests that living up to fair managerial behavior may be a cost-effective means to higher employees’ productivity.

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Article by Pietro Marenco on ScienceForWork

Three Powerful Conversations Managers Must Have To Develop Their People

A manager’s job is to guide a team to deliver results, and she’s able to do that well in a sustained way — not because she exhibits power, control, or authority, but because she nurtures and enhances a set of human relationships around her. What’s more, she’s developed those relationships by crafting a long-term vision. Doing so can extend the life of employees at your company, but also bring clarity to how and when they should embark on the next stage in pursuit of their dreams.

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How To Manage Talent In The Networked Age


Driving Employee Engagement