Organizational Health: A Fast Track To Performance Improvement

McKinsey research promotes that the best way to run a business is to balance short-term performance and long-term health. Healthy companies dramatically outperform their peers. The proof for it is strong—the top quartile of publicly traded companies in McKinsey’s Organizational Health Index (OHI) delivers roughly three times the returns to shareholders as those in the bottom quartile.

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Published by McKinsey Quarterly

Three Things Great Leaders Inside Contemporary Organizations Do

Just as organizations must adapt to better fit the demands of the digital age so must the nature of leadership evolve and change. The thing to keep in mind in the context of leadership in networked organizations is that the requirements of people in leadership roles differ from what they are currently used to. This article outlines three roles leaders can and must play as their organizations become more complex and less predictable.

Article by Sam Spurlin, The Ready