How To Eliminate Organizational Debt

In 2015, startup guru Steve Blank made the concept of Organizational Debt popular with his article, “Organizational Debt is like Technical Debt but worse.” In it, he introduced and defined the concept of Organizational Debt as “all the people/culture compromises made to ‘just get it done’ in the early stages of a startup.” In this piece Aaron Dignan from The Ready unpacks how Organizational Debt manifests and what to do about it.

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Organizational Debt Is Like Technical Debt – But Worse

Start-ups that are lucky enough to get to the “build” phase have a new set of challenges. They’re not just strategy related. It’s about fixing all the organizational debt that has collected. Growing companies need to understand how to recognize and “refactor” organizational debt. Failing to refactor organizational debt can kill a growing company. Onboarding, training, culture, and compensation for employees at the “build” phase all require a fresh look and new approaches.

Article by Steve Blank on Forbes