The Management Framework that Propelled LinkedIn to a $20 Billion Company

Jeff Weiner led LinkedIn through a blockbuster IPO to a current market capitalization of over $20 billion. After the IPO, he’s come out the other side with several incredible management lessons involving the focus on values, compassion, and leadership around unified goals. While most companies dismiss these concepts easily as somehow stale or separate from the work they need to get done day to day, Weiner has implemented them as cornerstones of his leadership philosophy and management model.

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Introducing Goal Science Thinking

Goal Science Thinking is an approach that uses OKRs as a foundation and turbo-charges them by applying human behavioral psychology, increasing engagement, and enforcing regular practice. Essentially, it leverages all the tricks and hooks we mortals use to stick to good habits — only re-imagined to help large teams stay on top of business targets.

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Goal Summit 2016: OKR Insights From The Prophet And The Practitioner

In this panel session from the BetterWorks Goal Summit 2016, get answers to the most common questions about implementing objectives and key results (OKRs) directly from the father of OKRs — John Doerr, Chair at KPCB — and BetterWorks CEO Kris Duggan.

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Building A High-Performance Culture With OKRs

The power of goal setting with OKRs lies in the simplicity and flexibility to create alignment around prioritized goals for the entire organization on the company, team and individual level. When properly introduced and used right, OKR can be a powerful aid in building a high performance culture characterized by focus on results, openness, and increased accountability.

Article by Max Lamers, culturestars

How To Make OKRs Actually Work At Your Startup

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) is a goal-setting system made famous by Intel and Google, asking all employees to outline their major objectives and the quantifiable actions it’ll take to achieve them. At Swipely OKRs are much more than an effective management tool. Using OKRs right, they really serve as a layer of communication that holds the company together and elevates its game at the same time. And in short order, they’ve become fundamental to Swipely’s culture, helping it hit a record $1 billion in sales under management this fall.