How We Approach Professional Learning At Slack

In lots of companies, on-the-job training is greeted with a deep, guttural groan. It’s a mandatory evil, a long series of tasks that take people away from their core work for little benefit. Given that Slack’s mission is to make people’s working lives more productive, these traditional models don’t cut it for them. Their learning and development focus is on training to help people do their best work, not be a distraction from it.

Article by Kristen Swanson, Director of Learning at Slack

Let Your People Grow: Culture Amp’s Unique DIY Approach To Learning & Development

Learning & Development plays an important part in job satisfaction and growing and effective team. Culture Amp’s approach to offering L&D to their employees is based on the fundamental idea that people need to grow, and they need to grow holistically. They are creating an environment where training is not forced upon people, but really an amplifier that encouraged both the love of learning and the opportunity to learn. What makes their approach special are the two key programs that support L&D vision at Culture Amp: Coaching For Everyone and Learn Yourself Up.