Holding “Auditions” To Build a Strong Team

An approach to hiring that genuinely identifies real skill and fit will give you the best shot at assembling the right team. A candidate assessment that mimics the actual work the candidate must do to succeed will give you the best hiring ROI. Maybe it’s a trial; maybe it’s a presentation; maybe it’s a short-term assignment that can be done in an afternoon.

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Written by Matt Mullenweg, published on HBR

4 Questions That Actually Matter For Testing Culture Fit

It’s hard to hire your first employee, it’s hard to hire your 50th employee, and it’s still hard to hire your 500th employee. If you’ve read anything about hiring best practices, you’ve probably read about hiring for culture fit. This isn’t an article about convincing you to hire on the basis of culture fit. This is an article on how to actually do that.

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Written by David Walker, published on Inc.

How Many Interviews Does It Take To Hire A Googler?

To cut down on time to hire, Google’s staffing team examined past interview data and determined that four interviews was enough to make a reliable hiring decision.

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Written by Shannon Shaper, published by re:Work