Design Your Employee Experience As Thoughtfully As You Design Your Customer Experience

If a company attends to its employee experience with the same level of discipline and intention that it does to its customer experience, the results can be seen across the board. Employees are more satisfied, companies enjoy higher employee retention and other benefits, and customers get better service. The keys to customer experience excellence show companies how to succeed in the employee experience as well.


Protecting Your Company From Itself — Why You Need HR

One of the ways to damage a fast-growing startup is to not have an HR person. But when is the right time to bring someone on? What qualities should you look for? How can you preserve the company culture and energy that got you where you are — while still putting in place the processes that HR requires? Ben Horowitz and a16z’s head of technical talent Shannon Schiltz (Callahan) dive into the world of HR for startups. How does a good HR professional partner with a CEO? When you have to fire someone for the first time … how should it go down?

Should You Hire For Cultural Fit Or Adaptability?

Research done by Amir Goldberg and Sameer B. Srivastava indicates that both cultural fit and enculturability do matter for individual career success (e.g., getting promoted or not getting fired.) But they find that employees with low initial cultural fit and high enculturability do better than employees with high initial cultural fit and low enculturability. Goldberg’s and Srivastava’s work suggests that firms should put place less emphasis on screening on cultural fit and points out the value of screening on enculturability.


How To Scale Culture With Janelle Gale, VP Of HR At Facebook

How Google Thinks About Hiring, Management And Culture

Laszlo Bock former SVP of People Operations at Google shares his Google-bred wisdom on how to interview and hire new recruits as well as how to retain top talent through nurturing a distinctive culture.

Why You Should Help Your Employees To Leave

Rather than fight turnover, companies may do better to embrace it instead of pouring time and resources into trying (and failing) to get your employees to stay.


Toward A New HR Philosophy

How Netflix Reinvented HR

Sheryl Sandberg has called it one of the most important documents ever to come out of Silicon Valley. It’s been viewed more than 5 million times on the web. The PowerPoint deck explaining how Netflix shaped its company culture and motivated performance.

netflix_culture deck