John Doerr On Why People And Culture Cannot Take A Back Seat To Business Execution

John Doerr, chair of the venture capital firm KPCB, has been a board member of Google (now Alphabet) and mentor to Google’s founders since the company’s beginning. Doerr sat down with Prasad Setty, Google’s VP of People Analytics & Compensation, to discuss the importance of People Operations and why companies should try to get clear on what the company’s culture is, because, Doerr says, “culture will allow your team, your people, yourself to make the right decisions more often and faster.”

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Why HR Must Take Risks, Not Manage Them

The best People and Culture / HR teams understand that people are not a fungible resource that needs to be attached to the real work – they are the real work. They understand that there are huge opportunities today to build competitive advantages in people. And they understand that to do so, the aim is not to minimize volatility and failures, but to maximize the opportunity for outsized gains.

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Written by Didier Elizinga, published on Culture Amp blog

The ROI Of Investing In People And Culture

Investing in your talent isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do. Life is better when work is more engaging, more rewarding, and more fun, and it just so happens that we can make a case for that philosophy from an ROI perspective too.

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Written by Maia Josebachvili, published on Medium

The biggest Lie In HR: People Quit Managers!?

Like most myths, the one that “people don’t leave companies, they leave managers” contains a kernel of truth. But organizations that believe the “leaving managers” myth really focus their attention in the wrong areas when they’re trying to address their retention problems. Here’s what organizations need to know about keeping good people: managers matter, but not nearly as much as leadership and development opportunities.

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Written by Didier Elzinga, CEO of Culture Amp, published on Medium

The Candidate Journey: How To Create, Map And Measure It

No one has a perfect candidate journey. There’s always room for improvement, always space for optimization. You can always do more to strengthen your brand, improve your process and delight candidates.

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Written by Ben Slater, published on beamery blog

Everyone Knows HR Is Broken: Here’s How To Fix It

HR professionals become extremely valuable in companies as they can help turn the management’s vision for the organization into reality. having a strong set of values and management support empowers the HR team to actually bring about impactful organization change, whether that’s creating new policies or firing bad apples.

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Written by Elizabeth Segra, published on Fast Company

Getting Human Resources Right

Growing from 50 to 500 to 5,000 to tens of thousands of employees is hard. Operating systems and processes that work in a 500 person company don’t work in a 5,000 company. The same is true of every growth spurt. Systems break down and stuff gets messed up. As you scale a well designed and implemented human resources organization can help tremendously. A messed up human resources organization will hurt.

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Written by Fred Wilson, published on AVC

Facebook’s HR Chief Explains How The Company Does Performance Reviews

Facebook conducts performance reviews every six months to formally collect insights from an employee’s managers and closest colleagues. These evaluations can be used to determine new responsibilities for an exceptional employee, which can then lead to a subsequent compensation discussion. But they aren’t used to decide that an underperforming employee should be fired, since managers would ideally not allow poor performance to persist until a formal meeting.

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Article by Business Insider Australia

“The Future (People) Work”

53 Min Video of Talk by Jennifer Dennard, Org Design & People Operations @ Medium

HR Reinvented: The New People Teams

Now, more than in any other period in human history, people and their level of engagement in their work are the key drivers of an organization’s success. So, tomorrow’s winning companies will be the ones that are reinventing their HR Teams to become more deliberate, strategic, and holistic new People Teams.