Holding “Auditions” To Build a Strong Team

An approach to hiring that genuinely identifies real skill and fit will give you the best shot at assembling the right team. A candidate assessment that mimics the actual work the candidate must do to succeed will give you the best hiring ROI. Maybe it’s a trial; maybe it’s a presentation; maybe it’s a short-term assignment that can be done in an afternoon.

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Written by Matt Mullenweg, published on HBR

Growth Businesses: 10 People Tips To Prepare You For The Future

Often growing businesses, particularly in the early stages, are not thinking about setting their People Operations for success in the future.  This article presents 10 valuable tips to make people decisions today that help to grow businesses into a great place to work now and in the future.

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Written by Kristin O’Brien, published on Small Business Forum

The Candidate Journey: How To Create, Map And Measure It

No one has a perfect candidate journey. There’s always room for improvement, always space for optimization. You can always do more to strengthen your brand, improve your process and delight candidates.

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Written by Ben Slater, published on beamery blog

How To Hire (Executives)

To build a great company any growing team needs to continuously hire great people — it’s one of the priorities for building a strong business. Particularly team members that come in as executives have outsized influence on the forming company, and there is a slightly different process to hire them versus most employees. These are the steps Brian Armstrong, Co-founder and CEO at Coinabse, likes to follow.

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Written by Brian Armstrong, published on Medium

5 Quick Pointers On Startup Hiring

One of the things to do is to find and recruit exceptionally talented individuals to grow any organization. This is not particularly surprising, all businesses (big and small, young and old) have this challenge, but especially for young, growing companies this challenge is particularly acute. This article features 5 Themes On Startup Hiring as thought of and learned by Dharmesh Shah, Co-founder and CTO of HubSpot.

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Written by Dharmesh Shah, published on OnStartups.com

4 Questions That Actually Matter For Testing Culture Fit

It’s hard to hire your first employee, it’s hard to hire your 50th employee, and it’s still hard to hire your 500th employee. If you’ve read anything about hiring best practices, you’ve probably read about hiring for culture fit. This isn’t an article about convincing you to hire on the basis of culture fit. This is an article on how to actually do that.

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Written by David Walker, published on Inc.

Whom Should You Hire At A Startup? (Attitude Over Aptitude)

For startups, so the mantra: team matters. Is this philosophy exaggerated? Overrated? Cliché? According to successful entrepreneur and VC at GRP Partners Mark Suster the answer is a clear no. Team is the only thing that matters. In this post he outlines his thinking and tips around hiring and recruiting the great talent.

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Written by Mark Suster, published on TechCrunch

How Many Interviews Does It Take To Hire A Googler?

To cut down on time to hire, Google’s staffing team examined past interview data and determined that four interviews was enough to make a reliable hiring decision.

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Written by Shannon Shaper, published by re:Work

How Important Is Culture Fit For Employee Retention?

Employee retention starts with first being able to clearly articulate what the organizational culture is. What are the aligned values, beliefs, behaviors and experiences that make up the organization’s environment?

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Written by Brent Gleeson for Forbes

Structure Your Hiring Process With These Tools From Google

Hiring someone new is a critical decision for a team or organization, and every step of the hiring process contributes to the final outcome. Use these resources from Google to help you approach hiring in a fair and structured way.

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