A Kinder, Gentler Microsoft Is Replacing Feedback With “Perspectives”

Microsoft is redesigning it’s feedback system to be less intimidating, and to prompt conversations that feel more like coaching than reviews. Since people are naturally less inclined to seek out bad news, the new system “Perspectives” is designed to help members of the organization to learn how to do it in a structured way.

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Written by Oliver Staley, published by Quartz

Ideo Redesigns The Dreaded Annual Review

No one likes annual reviews: They’re structured, overly formal, and they make it difficult to get real feedback that you can act upon. Here’s how Design firm IDEO helped redesign the process in a highly hierarchal and performance oriented setting.

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Written by Katharine Schwab, published by Co.Design

How to Level Up One on Ones with Your Team

Great one on one meetings have the power to transform a relationship between an employee and a manager. And by transforming individual relationships, we can evolve our team and organizational cultures as well.

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Written and published by NOBL Collective

Are Tough Conversations The Kindest?

Practicing radical honesty involves giving colleagues direct honest feedback face-to-face and in a timely and respectful manner. Rather than undermining a team’s unity, it can help build trust, respect, and understanding between people, which in turn helps solve problems and diffuses tensions.

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Written by Michelle McQuaid, published by Psychology Today

Tough Lessons Learned on Giving and Receiving Feedback

In this article outlines why feedback is not only needed as a vital process in a company but a true act of kindness towards team members. It shares some of the methods Leo Widrich, co-founder of Buffer, learned for giving and receiving feedback.

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Written by Leo Widrich, published by Buffer Open

How We Conduct 1:1s

Leaders must routinely spend time with each members of their team to discuss what they’re working on and how to improve. This infographic by NOBL Collective distills a handful of practices from leading teams, scientific research, and the observations on how to effectively have 1:1s.

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Published by NOBL Collective

How To Maintain A Feedback Culture In A Fast Growing Company

One of the most difficult things companies face when they begin to grow is how they can continue to maintain their culture, in spite of a high influx of new employees. This article by Impraise presents 5 ways to institutionalize feedback into the company in order for it to stick and continue as a cultural strength of the organization.

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Published on the Impraise blog

Radical Candor — The Surprising Secret to Being a Good Boss

Guidance — praise and criticism — is the key to being a good boss and building a great team. This interactive session from Goal Summit 2016 will help you understand why feedback is so hard, and how you can get better at giving it, getting it and encouraging it on your team. Presented by author and advisor to Twitter and Dropbox, Kim Malone Scott.

Watch 22 minute talk by Kim Scott, Co-Founder at Candor, Ex-Googler, published by FreshBooks University