The biggest Lie In HR: People Quit Managers!?

Like most myths, the one that “people don’t leave companies, they leave managers” contains a kernel of truth. But organizations that believe the “leaving managers” myth really focus their attention in the wrong areas when they’re trying to address their retention problems. Here’s what organizations need to know about keeping good people: managers matter, but not nearly as much as leadership and development opportunities.

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Written by Didier Elzinga, CEO of Culture Amp, published on Medium

The Critical Gap When It Comes To Building Empathy

The critical gap often missed when it comes to building empathy is confirming one’s understanding of the situation. You can try to put yourself in what you believe to be the other person’s shoes, but you are making an assumption that you know ‘their shoes.’ All you know is how you think you would feel if you were in their situation based on your lived experience, but that does not mean you understand what they think or how they feel. This is where the concept of building empathy as is often discussed does not fully stand up. It does not work if it is one-sided. It does not work if your interpretation, your assumption, is not correct. It takes two to build empathy.

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Written by Stacey Nordwall, published by CultureAmp

What Is A Culture First Company And Why Does It Matter?

A growing number of companies are starting to recognize, if you don’t get people and culture right, your efforts in every other area will ultimately result to nought. But building a Culture First organization is not about perks, or about being perfect, a perfect culture isn’t a culture, it’s a cult. Putting culture first means focussing first on employees, as the driver of company performance instead of concentrating first on the end result (profits to shareholders).

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Article by Didier Elzinga, CEO of Culture Amp, on the Culture Amp blog

Let Your People Grow: Culture Amp’s Unique DIY Approach To Learning & Development

Learning & Development plays an important part in job satisfaction and growing and effective team. Culture Amp’s approach to offering L&D to their employees is based on the fundamental idea that people need to grow, and they need to grow holistically. They are creating an environment where training is not forced upon people, but really an amplifier that encouraged both the love of learning and the opportunity to learn. What makes their approach special are the two key programs that support L&D vision at Culture Amp: Coaching For Everyone and Learn Yourself Up.