Company culture is a popular topic, particularly in start-up land. Yet, getting a real grasp on the question how one builds, leads and maintains a thriving organization remains pretty obscure. Actually doing it  while focusing on execution, building winning products and a million other things is tough for most leaders and teams. Yet this is an increasingly important task.


Because how you perform as an organization is the enabler, accelerator and leading indicator to how you perform as a business.

Without a doubt though, in order to grow successfully start-ups must work incessantly on building winning products and beating the competition in both quality and velocity. Nobody cares about companies that don’t sell any products. However, to maximize your growing company’s ability to do so, being mindful and very deliberate about the organizational side of building your business is essential. Building a strong organization holds massive economic value and potential for competitive advantage, speed  and intense focus on results. It’s not either or in any direction, the magic is focussing on speed and operational performance AND building the organizational foundation to enable the business to continuously thrive.


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Yet this is just the beginning of more things to come. I am at the outset of starting an org design advisory practice supporting company builders in the process of building high performing organizations around the theme of building Organizational Strength.


Over the past two and half years I helped growing two successful tech start-ups in different roles across Management, Marketing and HR. In that process and by my educational background in system dynamics, management and organization theory I learned about the importance of creating positive and high performance organizational cultures. How the combined topics of Leadership & Culture – Management & Org Design – HR & People Practices effectively enable, accelerate, and sustain business performance is at the heart of my attention.

If you would like to get in touch, reach out to me via LinkedIn or send a mail to

How I may help you: Hit me up if you’re interested in learning about building high-trust, high-performance organizations. However, don’t expect easy answers and a laundry list of best-practices to follow. If that’s the current mindset, I am most probably not your guy.



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