5 (Budget) Hacks For Building Amazing Office Culture

In many respects, company culture is the sum total of the little things that make people excited to come work at the start of the week. Creating this atmosphere doesn’t require a huge budget or elaborate perks.


Article by Ryan Holmes, CEO of Hootsuite


Summary / Gist

Creating a positive and collaborative office environment doesn’t require a huge budget or elaborate perks. It’s little things that make a difference and support leaders in building this atmosphere in powerful ways. Though to make them work and really mean something it does require genuine attention and interest from management in doing these things.

Effective (low-cost) tool’s or ways to support building a great office culture done at Hootsuite include:

  • Rooftop patio or similar offering space to retreat for your team that isn’t a workspace
  • Food is a natural bridge builder, events involving food for bringing people together
  • Giving out company clothes people actually want to wear
  • Breaking silos by pairing employees randomly for coffee or lunch
  • DIY parties

Great cultures may be born organically, but to grow and thrive they need support.

None of such culture-building hacks is especially deep or costly. Also none of them will mean much unless a company already has a foundation in place and healthy work environment.

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